Every day, people benefit from the pioneering research of Sir John Vane, Nobel Laureate and founder of the William Harvey Research Foundation.

  • Over 100 million people worldwide who take a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks.
  • Over 10 million people worldwide who take ACE inhibitors to lower their blood pressure.
  • Thousands of patients with the rare but dangerous disease, pulmonary hypertension, whose lives are helped by prostacyclin.

Such vital research continues today supported by the Foundation

Reducing damage from a heart attack

  • Based on pre-clinical research, clinical trials are underway to test whether giving the simple compound nitrite can prevent damage to heart muscle after a heart attack (Professor Amrita Ahluwalia)
  • Basic studies on antiplatelet drugs were critical for the recent approval of ticagrelor as a new medicine for heart attack patients (Professor Tim Warner)
  • Studies on the natural hormone erythropoietin (Epo) have led to clinical trials of its value to reduce tissue damage in heart attack or stroke patients (Professor Chris Thiemermann)

Helping patients with pulmonary hypertension

  • Research on endothelin paved the way for the successful clinical use of endothelin antagonists such as bosentan (Professors Tim Warner and Roger Corder)

New hope for heart-failure patients

  • Identifying flavanols as important components of the beneficial effects of red wine in heart disease has led to clinical trials of flavanols in patients with heart failure (Professor Roger Corder)

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