The William Harvey Research Foundation

Pioneering research that advances the discovery of new medicines

The William Harvey Research Foundation is a charity promoting and supporting fundamental research into cardiovascular and inflammatory disease, leading to new understanding of the human body, which advances the discovery of new medicines.

This pioneering work is pursued by world-leading scientists in the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts School of Medicine. The Foundation seeks to strengthen these efforts to develop innovative treatments by supporting essential research, with new funds for project grants, PhD studentships and academic chairs in recognition of outstanding achievement.

The William Harvey Research Foundation is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and has been awarded 'best practice in medical and health research peer review' in 2015 by the AMRC.

Lord Turnberg, scientific advisor, AMRC: ‘The peer review audit is an incredibly important exercise that allows all AMRC members to demonstrate their high quality processes in making research funding decisions. It allows our members to show their "badge of quality" which makes them stand out from the crowd.'

Support our research

The William Harvey Research Foundation invites individuals and companies to support our vital research. Your financial support plays a crucial role both in sustaining current research and in starting novel and innovative projects. These will provide insights that lead to the discovery of new medicines. Our funds support research projects, PhD studentships and training programmes. We are also seeking to contribute to prestigious new professorial appointments. Read more


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